Friday, February 24, 2006

Ice Skating - Watch out Olympics 2018!

Last night I did what I'm sure millions of Americans did. I watched some ice skating on the olympics. I've always loved to watch it, and I admit to a little jealousy! (Not a lot mind you, they stay pretty bruised and banged up in all their training. I don't envy them that!)
But they just look so beautiful skating, and the jumps the do are amazing. Now before I lose you, I'll get to the funny part. After all, this isn't a commentary site about triple axles.
This post is about my niece. I'm sorry, but she's just funny! Her latest fiasco? Ice Skating across the living room floor. She'd watch the skaters on TV and try to mimic their moves. Try being the operative word here. Now I must admit that she did okay at some parts. Like the part where they hold their arms out and go faster just before a jump. She was good at that.
But the jumps and the leg holds, well they're just hard for a two year old. Especially a short two year old with chubby legs!
But hey, she has the energy for it! Who knows, maybe she will find a career in it, but for now, I think she'd better stick with the little gym. Her balance beam skills are definitely beating out her sit-spin!

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HolyMama! said...

Cute! My boys 'ice skate' in socks across the wood floor in the dining room.