Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday's Word Association

Well, no one took a shot at yesterday's trivia question! The name of the toddler proclaimed to be "The Next Tiger Woods" is Brayden Bozak. This two year old can hit a golf ball 60 yards as straight as an arrow. Me...I can't even make contact with the ball. Golf is definitely not my game!
Okay, now onto the word association! You guys know the drill, list what first comes to mind when you see the word!

1. Asia
2. Beach
3. Mountains
4. Tropical
5. Australia
6. North Carolina
7. Field
8. City
9. Country
10. Vacation

Have fun!

1 comment:

GiBee said...

Okay -- here's my crack at it:

1. Asia -- Many children in need of a loving home.
2. Beach -- aaahhhhh. Topsail Island -- beach front home. Mmmm.
3. Mountains -- Cool. Relaxing. Foliage.
4. Tropical -- Colorful flowers, yummy fruit, hot. HOT.
5. Australia -- Surfers, dude!
6. North Carolina -- My momma and dad! Oh, and sister, brother-in-law, 1 nephew and 3 nieces, and you, of course!
7. Field -- meadows, flowers, calm
8. City -- hectic, traffic, gray
9. Country -- peaceful, relaxing
10. Vacation -- need one right now

There you have it!