Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Header Courtesy of Goofy Girl
Thirteen Reasons Why My Dating Chances May Be D00med
This is honestly all in fun! I know God will send a man for me when He is ready to send him, but for a girl now-a-days, it can get pretty discouraging at times! These are just some random thoughts that have crossed my mind when I wonder why I'm still single!

1. Well, I've been a bridesmaid for 4 weddings, and I was a junior bridesmaid for 1 when I was younger. Isn't there a saying about, "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride"?
2. It is becoming more and more of a trend for single guys to come out of the closet and say they are gay. (I don't like this trend at all, for more than one reason!)
3. According to this article I apparently live in THE WORST place for dating. (Thanks so much to Carmen for enlightening me about this joyful news!!)
4. I'm kinda leery of the whole online dating thing. I mean just because some guy says he's a perfect Christian gentleman with normal teeth doesn't necessarily mean he is!
5. All the guys I am somewhat interested in are usually VERY shy. I'm not the type to make the first move, so I'm left in a quandary.
6. I REFUSE to lower my standards. I would rather be alone then settle for someone I know I wouldn't be completely happy with. (My standards aren't insane or anything. Strong Christian, gentleman, good teeth, a job, that's all I ask!)
7. I don't drink or smoke or do drugs. I'm totally not into the party/bar scene. And I don't want to date a guy who does these things.
8. I have pretty feminine hobbies
9. I don't do very well with flirting. So I'm pretty limited in showing a guy I'm interested.
10. I'm not a size 2! I really don't want a superficial kind of guy who would only look at me because of my looks anyway, but there don't seem to be many guys out there looking for a "good personality!"
11. I'm not really the "outdoorsy" type.
12. All of the young guys at my church are related to me. So no options there!
13. All the good guys seem to be taken!

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Carmen said...

I didn't mean to be the bearer of bad news. Hey, they listed DC as 9th, so they LIE! :)

Rachel said...

Good teeth?!! Sorry, that just seems really funny to me. Have you met that many guys with bad teeth that this needs to be on the list for you, or are you just really fanatical about dental health? :)

Mama Duck said...

Awwww, don't lower your standards! Enjoy the single life, it's not all bad.

GiBee said...

Does age matter? You really need to let me mascara you all up so you can bat those lashes better!

Barbara said...

Stick to your guns! Do not lower your standards! My daughter has been divorced for 6 years. She refuses to lower her standards, like the girls at the office tell her she needs to do! She says she's happy being single, raising her kids. If God sends her a man, sobeit. Otherwise, she'll stay single.

KarenW said...

God will send someone your way when you least expect it!