Friday, May 18, 2007

See NO Evil

Okay, I saw this little test at Shalee's blog and I figured since I'm getting so much grief about NOT posting, that I'll make two posts in one day.
I totally agree with these results. I even have my halo hanging up here at work on my cubicle, no seriously, I do!

How evil are you?

I suggest you all go out and take this test, just to see if you're you know, as angelic as I am or utterly evil!


Shalee said...

To be honest, I got Angelic the first time too, but I thought about how wrong that really is, so I went back and made myself a little more 'realistic'. Yeah, I'm nothing if not honest...

Susanne said...

Halo hanging up at work. That is too funny. Oh sorry you were serious. :v)

Seriously I can't see you getting anything but angelic.