Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons North Carolina Has The Most Insane Weather
1. This past Sunday it was 75 degrees here in North Carolina
2. Meaning it was sunny, warm, just a slight breeze
3. Kind of like a spring day
4. Instead of a mid-January day
5. We wore flip-flops for crying out loud
6. Monday was only slightly cooler
7. And Tuesday was a bit cooler still, and the slight breeze turned into a stronger wind
8. Yesterday Charlie Chill hit the air in full force
9. It barely got to the 40's
10. This morning I woke up, and it was snowing
11. Yes, I said snowing, the ground is covered
12. I like snow, but this is the weirdest week ever
13. From flip-flops on Sunday to heavy coat and snow boots on Wednesday
Yep, NC has the weirdest weather ever!!

1 comment:

JAM said...

It's been warmer than usual, even here in Florida where winter means it's just less hot.

I've been sweating like crazy. The pine trees are already pollinating and the other night after work, I called my Mom on my cell phone from my work's parking lot and almost got eaten alive by mosquitos!

Sounds like you've been having the kind of weather that ends up with everyone sick.

But I hope not.