Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I haven't posted here in forever, so I decided to make this Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Random Things About My Life Right Now
1. I leave for Honduras on Monday morning. And I'm thankful for the extra sleep I'm gonna get since we have a 7:20 AM flight rather than a 6:00 AM flight!
2. This is a work trip, not a pleasure trip, though I do love the fact that I get to go for free because I love to travel.
3. Since I'm going to be gone my cousin Tracy, who is my roomate, will be looking after my cat. It's her job to make sure he doesn't discover the duck.
4. Which reminds me, I haven't told you about the duck. At Easter time, Tracy brought home a duck and named it Pippin. She tried her best to convince me to buy a chick and name it Merry, so that we could do the whole "Chandler and Joey" chick and duck thing. I didn't cave!
5. Fortunately it's warm outside now, so the duck is happily splashing in his wading pool in a little fenced in area of the yard.
6. This doesn't make Tracy's dog Elly very happy! She liked having the duck in a box in the bathroom where she could go in and make sure he was still there every five minutes.
7. Speaking of Elly, she has woken me in the midst of the night a few times this week by barking loudly at the bay window. This is not her norm, and Tracy and I have yet to figure out what or who she is barking at, this is a bit unnerving because she normally sleeps all night. We're hoping there isn't a crazy stalker near our house!
8. I'm not so-so worried about it though. Basically because worrying doesn't do any good!
9. But I can't help but worry just a little bit today because my Grandpa Smith went into the hospital last night with chest pains.
10. I'm praying for him though, and I know he's in God's hands, so I'm trying not to stress it! But I would appreciate your prayers as well!
11. Other than all that stuff I've just been doing laundry (I had like an entire mountain of it!)
12. I also had to clean my bathroom and bedroom because there's gonna be a Pampered Chef party at my house tonight. Yummy food!
13. Oh yeah, and I'm dreading packing for next week's trip. I REALLY don't like packing, just travelling. I need to be rich with servants who will pack my stuff, but such is life! LOL!
What's been going on with you!

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JAM said...

Hope your trip goes well. Our pastor goes to Haiti for one week per month for Love A Child. He takes a group of church members who want to go every summer.

Have a great trip!