Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday's Word

First off I want to congratulate Aggiejenn from Showered with Grace and Reflecting Him. She answered yesterday's trivia question correctly. The answer was Orville Wingait! Good job, Aggiejenn.
Now for Wednesday's word I'm going to do something a little different. I'm gonna give you a few words, and I want you to leave comments about the first thing that each word brings to mind! No cheating now, don't look at anyone else's, just list your own! Okay, here's the words:

1. Hip
2. Balance
3. Sing
4. Group
5. Hula
6. Smile
7. Ice
8. Goat
9. Dirt
10. Cook

Have fun, and I hope you all play along!!


Peggy said...

1. up todate with style and slang
2. having the time worked out in your life for work, family, church, etc
3. something I cannot do well of friends
5. lovely dance
6. what I notice first in someone
7. What I need lots of to cool off
8.Miss Diva
9. Love to work and plant in
10.enjoying doing

Kelly Klepfer said...

6.Like the cat who ate the canary

Dawn said...

1. Hip--replacement
2. Balance--I have none
3. Sing--Ocean Floor-Audio A was singing it when I got out of the car and I've been singing it since.
4. Group--No Affiliation-Patt's motorcycle group
5. Hula--Hawaii
6. Smile--Hunter
7. Ice--Tea
8. Goat--My sil's parents goat Lucky
9. Dirt--ohh I need to mop my kitchen so bad
10. Cook--Oatmeal Cookie-found a recipie I'm trying for the cookout

Ok this was fun:)

Tammy said...

1) mama (I don't know why this popped in, I don't consider myself a real hip mamma! lol
2) beam
3) music
5) skirt
6) happy
8) gruff
10) pan

Fun...but not sure what this says about me! Do we get a test score? ;)

Scouser said...

1> Replacement operation.
2> Lost sense of.
3> Song by the piano on Sunday nights.
4> The Beatles.
5> Dancers.
6> A Macleans white smile.
7> Stuff on your toes when you wake up in winter.
8> Nice in a Jamaican curry.
9> What I was permanently covered in when I was a child.
10> Something I love to do, see my unusual T13

Stacey said...

1. replacement
2. my two year old
3. in the shower
4. small
5. Mom (born in Hawaii)
6. My son pretending to take my pic
7. skate
8. Mom (always wanted a goat)
9. my two boys
10. Do I have to tonight??