Monday, July 31, 2006

Interpretive Dance

I'm sure that most of you have watched ice skating or ice dancing on television. They work to tell the story of the song with their movements. In ice skating when the tempo starts to speed up, the skater goes faster and faster until finally the skater leaps into a triple axle.
Well, last night a little girl did something like that at our Bible School commencement. The kids were singing the songs they learned at Bible School for the adults at our ice cream social. One little two year old girl really got into the music and started to spin and twirl and bow to the audience. She was doing a pretty good job of sticking with the tempo of the music too.
Until her brother decided to join in on her dance. He twirled and ran straight for her. He ran into her mid spin, and she crashed to the floor. She started to cry, I think more because her dance was ruined than because he had hurt her. But her tears didn't last too long. She started dancing once again just a minute later.
It's amazing how kids are able to bounce back like that!!
And it's too bad that we as adults feel too embarrassed to dance like that!


kpjara said...

Amen and amen!

Carmen said...

i think you're right, she cried because her brother interrupted her! Dance like no one's watching little girl!