Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is vacation:

Actual meaning: A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee

Meaning to me: The time I am getting off of work for the next two days to go to KINGSFEST!

That's right, this will be my last post of the week because I'm going to King's Dominion for Kingsfest! I get to see the Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Toby Mac and the list goes on! I'm so excited.
Anyway, I'll be back to visit your blogs next week! Have a good one!


Red on Head...On Fire for Jesus said...

Can I be jealous of your trip? :o)

Belated Happy Birthday to you!!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Have a great trip! Those are some great bands, and I know they will put on a good show for you.

Carmen said...

Kings Dominion in Richmond, VA? That's up my way! Have fun. :)

Tammy said...

visiting for the firs time...that sounds awesome! Have a super time!