Monday, July 03, 2006

Weddings, Take Two

Well, I made it through round two of wedding mania. I'm telling you, these people are going to owe me big when it comes time for me to get married. I am worn out!
I'm very happy for my cousin Will and my friend Ari. I pray they have a long marriage filled with love and happiness. I'm just thankful they only have one wedding!
The thought ran through my head that maybe when I do find that perfect man that I'll just elope, but then I realized that my wedding will be the time that I make my friends understand just what they put me through.
Yep, I'm a bride-zilla in the making! No, not really, but I have decided that I'm gonna have the wedding I want with no guilt!
I hope you guys all had a nice, restful weekend! I get off of work early today, so I intend to go home and get a little more rest! Maybe tomorrow my thoughts won't be so scattered!!

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