Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is a reflection of how I'm feeling. Today's word is "sleepy."

Actual meaning: Ready for or needing sleep.

Meaning to me: The reason that I can't seem to focus and the reason that the drive to work this morning seemed to last an ETERNITY!!

Okay, my brain is mush this morning. I'm so sleepy. I just didn't rest well last night. See, mom hates air conditioning, and since his surgery air conditioning makes dad stiff. So we still have our windows open and fans going.
This is usually okay, but yesterday one of our neighbors was burning leaves or weeds or something, and the smoky smell wafted right into our windows that are open to not only the fresh air, but also the not so fresh air.
Well the smell gave me a bad headache. When I get a bad headache, sleep doesn't come easily. So this morning I'm sleepy (and I'll admit a little snappy!)
So if you'd offer up a few prayers for me that God would let me wake up, I'd be appreciative. Otherwise I really feel sorry for these people I have to work with!!


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I was cranky for the past two days. But, as far as being sleepy I can't help you there because I'm always tired.

Rich said...

You should live in England, its so cold all the time you dont need air conditioning!

I did have a headache this morning though, I think I may have eaten a bit of my pillow.