Monday, June 05, 2006

Can I Take Your Order?

My niece has discovered a new game she likes to play. She loves playing "Restaurant." She'll come around to us and take our order then act like she cooks the imaginary food in her imaginary kitchen. It's just too cute.
The funny thing is this. She doesn't realize that when she says, "Can I take your order?" that she has to wait for a reply. She says, "Can I take your order?" then immediately says, "I'll be right back."
So she'll run to her kitchen (wherever it may be setup) and she'll make the food then come back and hand it to us and wait for us to eat it. Of course we always tell her it's good. But there's no telling just what her two year old mind has in her imagination that we're eating.
When we say, "What did you cook today?" She never answers, so I guess it'll remain a "mystery meat" from now on!
All I can say is that I prefer her imaginary cooking to the real cooking of some people. At least I can depend on the fact that my niece's imaginary fare is never gonna make me gag!!


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

How cute is this! I bet she just loves it. I had a strawberry shortcake kitchen when I was little and I just loved to make pretend food on it!

whispers of the morning said...

That sounds so cute and so fun! Guess I need to start thinking of what I'm cooking for dinner tonight.