Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Taking Things Into Her Own Hands

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is now behind us, and we are charging toward Christmas full steam ahead. Last weekend was spent by most of my family members putting up the Christmas decorations, getting the ornaments on trees just right and such.
Well, at my house the ornaments were added to the tree. My sister had no such luck. Her husband had put the ornament box in the top of their building where only he could get to them, and he was on duty (he's a policeman). So she just put up the tree, figuring he would get the box of ornaments later.
The rest of the weekend was busy for them, so the ornaments never got added to the tree. Apparently this distressed my four year old niece a little more than my sister and her husband realized. A fact they discovered on the way home from church Sunday night.
My niece has hit a prissy stage, and she has begun carrying her little purse everywhere she goes. And it is often filled with random things, from fake lipstick to my nephew's little cars.
But Sunday night on the way home from church, she told my sister, "Mommy, we can decorate our tree now!" And as she said it, she pulled several icicle ornaments that she had "borrowed" from the Christmas tree at church out of her purse.
Apparently she thought the church's tree was quite overloaded while her tree at home was completely barren of ornaments! Crystal of course told her that she shouldn't take stuff, but I'm pretty sure she had a hard time not laughing while she was doing so!!

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