Monday, December 08, 2008

Life in the World that is Trace

This past Friday I went after I got off of work at 12 to pick up my niece and nephew from school for my sister. My niece was going to her cousin Emma's for the night, and Trace was coming to my house. Now normally picking them up from school is no big deal. They usually say that they've both been great, and they both usually have stickers in their folders.
Not so on Friday. Apparently Friday was Raegan's day to test the limits of the K-4's rule about talking during lunch. It was also apparently her day to pick up her "BEST FRIEND EVER" who is apparently a K-3 student while they were in the bathroom. I don't believe it's a specific rule, but apparently it is frowned upon to pick up K-3 students in the bathroom. In any event, Raegan ended up with 2 demerits, marring a week of demerit free perfection.
Let me just say, it is not fun to pick up my niece when she has gotten two demerits. It puts me in the "bad guy" position with her, and I do not like it. I guess I've got to get used to that position though considering Alaena is quickly learning to test her limits.
Anyway, I had to drop Raegan off at her house with her dad. I didn't stay long. I didn't want to see her get into trouble. I mean, it wasn't really bad things. After all, she didn't hit the kid, she just picked her up because she was her "BEST FRIEND EVER!" Apparently best friend exuberance isn't appreciated in K-4. Oh well.
Trace rode on with me, and we hadn't even gotten out of the driveway before he said, "I had a good day. I got a sticker. Sissy had a bad day. She had a bad day."
Now this wasn't said in a cocky tone. He sounded pitiful. He felt so bad that Raegan didn't get a sticker or candy like he did. He may be only 3 years old, but he has more compassion than most adults. Well, he has compassion for his sister at least.
His love for the deer isn't quite so obvious. My dad is a hunter, and he was out hunting when Trace and I got to the house. This was quite upsetting to Trace because he LOVES his Paw-paw, but I promised that he would see Paw-paw soon.
When my dad got home, Trace asked him, "Paw-paw, did you shoot deers in the forest?"
And my dad told him that he saw some deer, but he didn't shoot any.
Then Trace said, "Paw-paw, when I get big like you, I'm gonna take my water gun, and shoot me a deer."
Because apparently water is lethal to deer. Who knew?
The next morning Trace asked dad to take him to the ocean on the tractor. We live about 5 hours from the nearest ocean, so dad was like, "Huh?"
So Trace said, "You know, the ocean in the forest." So our lake has now been upgraded to an ocean. Maybe I should keep this a secret. I don't want Ruffin becoming a hot tourist spot. It ruins it for the locals.
So don't tell anybody about the Ruffin ocean okay?
What funny things happened to you guys over the weekend?

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Abra said...

I love the things that little kids have to say!