Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Made a Break for It

During the last month Alaena has become quite mobile. She's only slightly slower than a bolt of lightning when she gets down and going. This becomes a bit of a problem at church.
Yes, she has definitely hit that age where the nursery is a heaven sent blessing, but Sunday night was a bit different because Alaena's dad came to church to meet her for the first time. So the nursery wasn't really an option.
I learned that my child she has learned some conniving skills. She can turn her beautiful baby blues on some unsuspecting person (a.k.a. Papaw) and slide down to the floor during the church service because she just looks so cute that you want to give her what she wants. And she can within 5 seconds flat be at the front of the church trying to climb onto the stage.
However, when mommy gets ahold of her again, she can also get her little leg popped for using her cunning skills during church time. Mommy just has to avoid that accusing look in those beautiful baby blues! Hard as it may be!

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