Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't Even Think About Taking Our Snow, Mister!

Well, it finally came. A few weeks before spring, we here in NC finally got a big snow. To all of you out there who get "real snows" don't laugh when I say that this 7" of snow is a big snow. Because to me, and all of my fellow North Carolinian friends, it is. And it is GORGEOUS! I will post the pics in a couple of days.
But for now, a couple of funny Raegan stories. Before our beautiful snow came freezing rain. An entire day of freezing rain. The temperatures hovered close to freezing, so it didn't really affect the roads much, but the powerlines and trees were covered in ice. And you know what that means, power outages. So while I was in church yesterday morning, our power went out. Much to my sister's dismay, since she was at home in the cold house because she now has the bronchitis funk.
We had plans to make Sunday dinner at our house, and I had my mind all set for the roast, pinto beans, deviled eggs, creamed potatoes. The roast and pintos weren't a problem, because they'd been in the crock pot since the afternoon before, but I didn't get my deviled eggs!
The funny thing was that as soon as my dad pulled into the driveway, our power came back on. And Raegan said, "Paw paw turned our power back on, LOOK!"
Because apparently just working for a power company makes you all powerful at turning power back on, and all you have to do is simply pull into the driveway of the house you want to have power! LOL!
Then later last night the snow started pouring down, and we were watching it out the window (because that's what people who rarely ever see the white flakes do, we watch this rare marvel as it comes down!) And the man across the street started putting salt out on his driveway.
Raegan said, "What is he doing?" And I said, "He's melting the snow on the driveway."
Raegan almost went into hysterics. She said, "But I want the snow, don't let him take our snow!!"
I assured her that the tiny bit of salt in his bucket couldn't possibly take our snow. And we wouldn't let him in our yard with the salt. It's a shame I have to work today and miss so many silly little comments I'm sure that Raegan and Trace will be making about their first big snow!
But I plan to be home early enough to let Alaena see it for at least a few minutes!!


Abra said...

I love the FIRST snowfall... after that, bring on the salt bucket! When it's been snowing since September and it's now March... it's time for Mother Nature to rethink a little :)

Heather of the EO said...

I'm with Abra. :) I'm in Minnesota, so tired of the snow. But it really can be beautiful. If you have eyes to see :)

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Awww...what a sweet story. Good thing he's that powerful!