Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Night in "Future Daddy" Training

I'm sure all of you parents out there have been where I was last week. Alaena had strep, and she was on several different medicines. And in a word she was ORNERY. She didn't want to be held. She didn't want to be put down. She didn't want her cup. She didn't want her food. She pretty much just didn't want anything. So finally I laid her in her bed because I knew what she really needed was rest.
I must mention that my boyfriend Shawn was at my house while this cry fest was going on. He says he wants children. And he got some training let me tell you. Because he is used to happy Alaena. The Alaena who rarely ever cries. The Alaena who goes to sleep almost the very second you lay her in the bed. But he got introduced to sick Alaena. And sick Alaena isn't the happy-go-lucky baby I normally have.
So as I said above, I laid Alaena in her bed. As most of you can probably guess, the real screaming commenced. And she put up the battle to end all battles in fighting sleep. She would scream, then she would whimper, then she would hold her breath, then she would stand up and yell "MAAAAAAAAA!"
And although it was breaking my heart, I knew that I had to hold to my resolve because I know my child, and rarely does she EVER fall asleep outside of her bed. And she was crying even when I was holding her. So it pretty much was just a wait and see how long it takes her to cry it out.
And through it all, Shawn was saying, "I can't stand it. Pick her up. Let her play."
And I would say, "She needs her rest. She was screaming before I put her in the bed, and it's not playtime, it's sleep time."
To which he would say, "I know you're right."
This conversation went on at least every five minutes for two hours. That's right I said two hours. When she finally fell asleep Shawn said, "I know that's what's best for her, but I sure am glad I'll never be a MAMA because I sure couldn't do it!"
And I just laughed thinking he sounded pretty much like a typical dad!!


Abra said...

hahahaha! Been there so many times!

Fred said...

Shawn needs a bit more training. In my opinion, you did exactly the right thing. We hated to hear them cry it out, but in short order, it worked wonders.

Kathlyn said...

Cute story :)