Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being Me, Being Free

Last night I went to my niece and nephews end of the year program, and if you've never been to a program where 60 to 70 three and four year olds sing and say parts, well let me just say, you haven't been living life!
Anyway, it was all really cute and sweet about how each of us have a promise from God that He has a plan for our lives. They had little lines about what they wanted to be when they grew up, and my nephew said he just wanted to be bigger. This drew a lot of laughs from the audience because he is quite obviously the shortest child in the class.
But the best moment of the program came during a song called "Being Me." Apparently my nephew really took the words of the song to heart because he broke out of his shell during that song. He was the loudest one of them all. Literally, and it was quite obvious because he held the notes at the end of each and every line at the top of his lungs.
So it went something like this:


The entire crowd was almost in tears with laughter. Bad part about it? The battery on the video camera died. Hope we can find a copy of it somewhere!! Because it was so adorable.
And of course Alaena danced during the whole thing and clapped her hands. Which I think probably nudged Trace on a bit more. Ahhh, to be three and carefree again!


Fred said...
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Fred said...

I used to love those programs. Watching how each kid reacted when the spotlight was on them was precious.

I once brought the camera but forget to put film in it. I think that's worse than the battery going kaput.