Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday's Top Ten

My cousin Christy started something on her blog a few weeks back called Tuesday's Top Ten. So, I'll go with her on this one, and today I give you the top ten things that will bring certain death to your cell phone!!

1. Dropping a phone in a swimming pool. Now, one of the great things about cell phones is that you can use them anywhere, but if you happen to put your cell phone in a towel, be sure to tell someone it's there before they pick up the towel to use it and sling your cell phone into the pool. (This happened to my mom's cell phone.)

2. Dropping a phone into an electrical pipe that holds wire. Now the phone may still be usable, but you will not get it back. Due to the fact that you could possibly be electrocuted in the retrieval. (This happened to my brother's cell phone)

3. Dropping a cell phone into a man-hole that is filled with rain water. The nasty gross rain water will surely ruin your phone quickly. (Also, to my brother)

4. Snapping your phone in anger over something the person you are talking to said. (My brother, again, do you see a pattern here?)

5. Dropping your cell phone into a toilet. Now this is completely avoidable, NO ONE should talk on a phone in the bathroom. (My brother however doesn't adhere to this rule. Hence the toilet water ruined phone.)

6. Dropping a phone in a dog's bowl. This doesn't cause immediate death, but it will shorten your batteries life, and you will barely be able to get one call through without recharging your phone! (My niece did this to my phone)

7. Throwing your cell phone against a brick wall (my cousin did this.)

8. Allowing a three year old that your are babysitting to remain alone in the room with your phone. Especially if said three year old has anger issues and didn't want you to leave the room. (This happened to my sister in law's phone.)

9. Washing your cell phone in the washing machine. Again, no immediate death, but a short life is predicted for your phone. (My sister in law did this to my brother's phone)

10. Spilling corn on your phone. This results in immediate button death. Apparently corn juice has more lethal powers over phones than water. (This happened to my phone last week)

The upside of cell phone death? Getting a new cell phone. Thankfully, I got a really good deal on mine. Have any of you ever had a cell phone ruined somehow?

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Allison Farley said...

Forgetting your cell phone is on the visor of your car then flipping down the visor causing the phone to drop in orange juice! (also to your brother. Only I did it)

Brian Allred said...

Forgetting you dropped your phone on the ground then ran over it with the car.I did it.