Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trying to be Funny Again

Well, I haven't been funny in quite a long while. Life has gotten insanely hectic in the last year since becoming a mom, but I really want to start this blog back, so I can share some stories from the funny moments of my life.
This past Sunday was a pretty special day in my family. My niece Raegan got baptized. This has been something she's gone back and forth being excited about and scared about, but she was determined she was ready to do it.
And let me tell you, when she came into Christmas play practice Sunday afternoon, the child was prepared for her baptizing during the evening service. She had on Ariel swimming goggles, and hand and foot flippers. She told me she was going to wear them to get baptized, and she was dead serious. My sister had to inform her that no she would not be wearing the swimming gear to be baptized.
So my niece went into the baptismal pool with a bit of apprehension about getting water in her eyes.
But no worries, she came out with a huge smile on her face and informed my sister that she "liked this baptizing thing."
Check out this video for a baptism laugh. I'm just saying that my mom and dad would have KILLED ME!
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