Monday, April 20, 2009

Moon Sand: A.K.A. the Ruin of All Things Neat and Tidy

If any of you have children around the age of 5 or so, I'm sure you've heard of Moon Sand. Nifty sand that molds into shapes and gives children hours of enjoyment. But this wonderful invention for children is the cause of many hours of cleaning for parents.

My sister had the idea to get an outdoor table for Moon Sand that had a lid. A great idea in theory. But a 3 and a 5 year old get little enjoyment out of keeping Moon Sand IN the table. It looks better to them on the Carport. Because who doesn't love a multi-colored sandy carport?

Especially when it starts raining? My poor boyfriend. He had just blown off the carport and had everything looking really good. He said, "We'll have to make some ground rules for when I clean off the carport." But he was laughing.

If he can lay down ground rules on getting Raegan and Trace not to make any messes on the carport, we're gonna get him to lay down some rules for the inside too. For example, "Don't take your change banks out because Alaena may try to eat pennies." Fortunately she's never swallowed any, but it hasn't been for lack of opportunity.

Aahhh life with kids. Definite fun times!!


Fred said...

I don't remember having Moon Sand around when the girls were little. And, based on what you wrote, I glad for that!

Fred said...

Just making the rounds and wanted say hi, Heather. Hope all is well!