Monday, February 16, 2009

Watch That Attitude Baby 'Laena

Well it is official. My child has my attitude. Send up the prayers now, would you please? And if I haven't told you lately, Mom, I'm really sorry for all that backtalking when I was but a youngster!
Alaena and I are spending some time at my sister's house, and unlike my house which is one level, Crystal has stairs. And the stairs draw Alaena like a beacon, saying "Climb me, Climb me!" So she flies towards the stairs oh about every second and a half.
I've said "NO!" about a million times. I've picked her up and carried her elsewhere. I've popped her hand and even her little backside. But still the stairs have a pull that seems to be unconquerable.
But what's worse is that the other day I pulled her away again and then turned around, and my sister said that Alaena gave me a look and mouthed toward me some undistinguishable baby talk.
So pretty much, she told me off in her little language I guess. And she's just one. Boy I've got some interesting times ahead of me. I just pray that I can keep from laughing while I'm trying to teach my little girl that it really is in her best interest to listen to me!!


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

How funny! The tiny personalities are always so cute.

staceyhoff said...

I'm right here with you,girl!
I was chuckling reading your post, because I can so relate~ I remember my girlfriends who have duaghters telling me that I'd come to pay for praying for a girl!! LOl!! Of course, we all love our little girls Forever, yet they are as Naughty as they are Sweet, aren't they!? I distictly remember my two son's being waaaaay less advanced in their naughtiness than Grace is! She is also way more sophisticated verballly much earlier~ I can see what the child development specialists say about girls and boys differences from birth playing out before me in real time!

Grace's new thing she just did today(and she just turned 3 end of Dec.) was to grab the candy dish off of the desk(I know, stupid of me to leave it There!) and I saw her grab it, tuck it up under her dress! and make a run for the stairs ( those stairs are a oommon theme, aren't they!?) and, as I am calling after her asking her what she has and to come back down to me, she keeps on going- to the top, very quickly- and I see her put something down. Then she hurries down the stairs to me, nothing in her hands, nothing hiding under her dress, the picture of innocense- except she looks pretty guilty! I ask her what did you take? and she says "nothingggg" looking back and forth from me to the top of the stairs, lol. I ask my older son(who is upstairs) to tell me what Gracie took and if there is something on the top stair and he comes, looks and says "Yeah, it's the candy dish!" I ask her did you lie to Mommy? and at first she gives this big exxagerated no for an answer, and I say "Grace....." sternly, like tell me the truth- and she say's " Yes, I sorry, I lie!" and while she is saying this, she is covering her hiney with her hand-lol! Yes I was faithful to give her a little swat on the butt cheek with our spanking spoon; she cried~ and then got mad and hit me in the leg as I was wiping her nose!~ so she got another little swat, then it was over.